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Learning traditional dance


I made efforts to collaborate closely with the Municipally of Chania in order to get their full support needed to allow the pupils to have a successful learning. The number of students increased as we went along, and they joined the classes with a smile. Meanwhile, I noticed with interest that other pupils which spoke different languages like Russian, Arabic, and Bulgarian

The feelings of shame, due to their third country and not European origins, that I experienced in the first days was replaced with a feeling of love for diversity not only from youth and adults immigrant but also from non-immigrant children. I designed lessons in Albanian language, history, culture and traditional dances for the immigrant children in the Multicultural school of Chania, and I prepared PowerPoint presentations when the children started to know and to describe their country of origin. As a consequence of this, many the immigrant and non-immigrant children from all other schools of Chania asked to participate in the traditional dance and have lessons in their mother language.

Meeting with immigrant parents at municipality of Xania, Crete

The words’ definition Diversity, Coexistence, and Culture were to make the youth immigrants feel European, to face and challenge the consequences of the crisis that affected their lives. I asked the municipally of Chania to support the local project of EDCCN for protecting and promoting the mother language, culture, and history.




We sent a request to the Primary education school committee of Chania to host us in the Intercultural school Education.

As teacher and being an immigrant myself, I addressed all the problems faced by immigrant families and I invited them in meetings to discuss, address and look for solutions to change our future

Cultural meeting with immigrant parent and children at Intercultural school in Xania, Crete

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