International and Multicultural Network for Te Local Development

IMNETLD was registered on the 19 December 2013 (registration  number 436) in Lushnja.PIC Number: 949212610  Lushnja is a city in Central-West Albania. The town was founded in late medieval times.  In January 1920, Lushnje was a provisional capital of Albania . Lushnja is actually a strategic point of communication between the north and the south of Albania. It is considered as one of the areas with the biggest potential of developing the agricultural industry. In addition, Lushnja is one of the most important tourism districts of Albania. The two main attractions are the Monastery of Ardenica.The Monastery is a medieval building and the beach of Divjaka. The Divjaka Beach is about 12 km long and is one of the best-preserved natural beauties of Albania. A place to visit in Lushnja is also the Laguna Of Karavasta, with its roaming pelicans and the beautiful Divjaka forest.The town had a number of factories: among them food processing and building materials which were closed down for one reason or another


With its 50000 inhabitants, Lushnja has located about 80 km from Tirana, the capital of Albania. With the capital and the other surrounding cities, Lushnja is connected through highways and the railroad

Our Company is deeply involved in new ideas and approaches to tackle community problems and we are undertaking a new project with other countries and culture

Due to the current worldwide financial crisis there are in Albania many returned unemployed immigrants who would benefit from formal training in all aspects of the industry, economy, hospitality, environment and agriculture in order to give them the theoretical basis and arrange local and European work experience through Erasmus Plus funding and local government funding to provide them also with the much needed practical experience to assist them succeed towards a better future.

Our main goals & activities

Discover local life, customs, the heritage of the region

Recognition and evaluation of old crafts

Enhancing all kind of diversities and social inclusion

Encourage, empower and urge poor families through projects development and non-formal education and information to play an active role in the upbringing of their children

The purpose of the Foundation is to focus mainly on the following areas :

  • Development of activities for the benefit of the whole community but with particular emphasis on minorities and ethnic groups. Many activities will be with students, families, and youth.
  • Development of projects to protect cultural heritage between Roma ethnic groups and asylum seeker communities and those with mixed heritage.
  • Promote social activities to enhance integration and a better understanding of different languages, cultures, and customs.
  • Cooperation with NGOs and through various professional bodies, organizing events for social integration and development of minorities in Albania, Europe and internationally.
  • Facilitate exchange programs for students and faculty, to increase understanding of culture, different languages, etc., to share learning and best practices across geographical boundaries. By helping reduce inequality in education and achievement of disadvantaged communities.
  • Development of activities for environmental conservation and sustainability.
  • Development of projects for the exchange of best practices in the field of the Environment, renewable and greener energy, for a more sustainable and cleaner, healthier environment.
  • Encouraging and enabling minorities through no – formal education to discover the local life, heritage, and customs of the region and to guide them to recognize and appreciate the natural resources of the area in which they live, to recognize and value the old crafts.
  • Teaching foreign languages aimed at fostering skills for employment opportunities, international citizenship, and intercultural understanding.
  • Creating opportunities aimed at increasing motivation, engagement and integration of minorities, immigrants and special needs people back into work especially through lifelong learning course.