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Participating organizations: Mladiinfo International, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (applicant) Europe for Diversity, Culture, Co-existence and Citizenship, Greece (partner) Media Development Center, Bulgaria (partner) Mladiinfo Croatia, Croatia (partner)
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How We Portray Minorities in Everyday Life through New Media?
4-5 September 2015, Chania, Crete – Greece

The project « Youth Challenging Diversity – Representation of Minorities in the New Media » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”


Results from the new media monitoring conducted on 15 online media

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Greece:

Recommendations from the project:

Μπορούμε καλύτερα:Τα λάθη στην απεικόνιση των μειονοτήτων από τα ΜΜΕ. (Media can do better:Mistakes in the depiction of minorities in the media)

Meeting with immigrants at Municipality of  Xania,Crete

The main objectives of this meeting are: 

Respect for diversity, anti discrimination and equality, to contribute to the idea that, within the European Union, all people are created to be equal, regardless of origin, religion, social class and economic or cultural level.

Respect for the value of human beings and the protection of diversity and multiculturalism

To promote the idea that the immigrants are now members of the European family within which they have an equal status

To identify actual problems related particularly with the life of children at school, at home and the community in general.

To understand how the actual problems affect the psychology of children as there are cases of social exclusion of immigrant children because of their origin.

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Through the meetings with immigrant we are able to define the problems, recognize them and eventually address them.

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