About us

Europe for Diversity Culture and Coexistence (EDCC) is a not for profit institution, with the Head Office based in Chania, Crete, an island of spectacular natural beauty, the second largest city of Crete, one of the most beautiful cities of Greece and the most picturesque in Crete. It is a multidimensional nonprofit institution actively involved in daily affairs to promote the principles and implementation of European values, integration, and preservation of heritage and culture. We are engaged to give step to youth people from migrant background living on the fringe of the society encountered hard times, to support their social integration for social peace and the connection to the international environment.EDCC have strong links to the state and private institutions and works to promote respect for diversity. What characterizes and unites our staff is intercultural background, humanism, support & assistance of disabilities and disadvantaged people.


Is composed by a multidisciplinary team that contributes to the creation of new synergies and promotion of the cooperation between public and private institutions with its own activities and proposals but also within the framework of the European programs.

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Eglantina Kumaraku, Managing Director

After several years of working in Albania at the ministry of education, Eglantina left her country to migrate to Greece. In Greece, Eglantina worked also in the Intercultural school providing language for migrant children and youth but also cultural programs with parents youth and children

Through all these years she deeply sensitized to the problems of immigrant families and especially those experienced by the children. She organized and designed lessons in Albanian language, history, and culture in Intercultural School of Chania, Crete.


Since 2012 we work on  proposal preparation and implementation of European funded projects

Elmira Paçi, Researcher at EDCC, Architect, pedagogue

Some of the main activities and responsibilities Assistant Urbanist at Territorial Planning & Development. Specialist Architect at Institute of Defense Studies and Design at Ministry of Defence.One of 30s Albanian architect chosen for publishing the catalog of 2010 “ A house for you ” by “Maden group”Autocad program teaching basics for architecture students Autocad design of master plans of the city of Tirana, Korça, Vlora Municipalities, Jale Designing Projects and Studies on Defense Construction, Supervising Their Responsibility for Coordination and realization of projects Conducting studies and translating NATO standards. Prepare a Defense Infrastructure Regulation according to NATO standards in the Standardization-Modernization Sector. Preparation of mortgage property plans in cooperation with Property Registration Office in Tirana. Specialist in public administration. Administration, management, public finances, oratory communication different research and publication.

Sonila Paçi, University of Tirana, teacher of primary school

Silvana Hoxha, Researcher, Professor, Linguistics

Lamia Masri, an Arabic translator joined the as a volunteer EDCC since December 2012 and ongoing. Lamia worked as a teacher in public school Aleppo after she worked as a General manager in public health system in Aleppo, Syria.

She left her county to migrate to Greece. Now she works in tourism industry food branch as a Chef

Elizabeth Makridou, Project staff, Tutor: Greek History, Ancient Greek, and Archeology


Interpreter/Volunteer/ Computer programmer RefuGr (Refugee Mobile App) /

Volunteer Doctors of the World Volunteer Served as an interpreter in Farsi, Dari, and Greek. Assisted medical staff in all issues pertaining to Farsi speaking refugees.

Computer programmer (RefuGr)

Study in Greece 2014 Founder  https://www.studyingreece.edu.gr/

Served as main coordinator and interpreter at The Salvation Army’s Day Center in Victoria

Square. Manage a group of 15 to 20 volunteers on a daily basis and oversee the distribution of milk,

toiletries, food items and clothing to over 400 refugees on a daily basis.

Partnered with other organizations and NGOs in Victoria Square to address the refugee’s needs.

Save the Children, Athens, Greece

Animator (3 Month Contractor)

● Created activities for refugee children residing at Elliniko Camp as part of the UN and Save the

Children’s Blue Dot project.

● Taught Greek to the children on a daily basis.

Metadrasi, Athens, Greece


Served as Interpreter in Farsi, Dari, and Greek at locations throughout Athens, Lesvos, and Eidomeni. Worked with UNHCR at the Elliniko camps in Athens to inform refugees of their legal rights and the asylum application process. Worked at the Greek Asylum Service and helped register asylum applications for Farsi and Dari speaking refugees.Assisted the Greek Migration Ministry, UNHCR, and Doctors Without Borders (M.S.N.) on day-to-day operations of the Elaionas refugee camps in Athens since September 2015.

Afghan Community in Greece, Athens Greece. Served on the Board of Directors of the Afghan Community in Greece. Headed the Cultural Section for a 3-year period.

 Taught Primary Greek and English to refugees.Assisted Afghan refugees in Greece with legal, medical and social issues


Aristotle’s School Of Modern Greek Language, Thessaloniki (Greece)

Informatics and Telematics from Harokopio University, Athens (Greece)