Out in the dark blue sea, there is a land

called Crete, a rich and lovely land, washed

by the waves on every side, densely peopled

and boasting ninety cities.

Homer -the Odyssey

Europe for Diversity Culture and Coexistence, Is a not for profit organization, with the Head Office based in Chania, Crete, an island of spectacular natural beauty, the second largest city of Crete, one of the most beautiful cities of Greece and the most picturesque in Crete. 
The Old city is surrounded by the Old Venetian fortification. The New town (Nea Hora)which located beyond the west and the old town. The cultural background of Chania is very rich long history and its interaction with much diverse civilization in the past. Furthermore, the location of Crete immediately connects to Athens. Situated between Europe, Asia, and Africa.(Crossroad of east and west)

Chania has daily sea connection with Piraeus via ferry boats.
The international airport of Chania Ioannis Daskalogiannis is located at Sternes, in Akrotiri, 14 km east of the town. Chania is connected by air to Athens but there are also several charter flights from all over Europe during the summer.